3Com NBX 3102 Business Phone (Refurbished) with 1-year warranty, Charcoal Gray RoHS Compliant 3C10402B New in the Box



The 3Com 3C10402B NBX 3102 Business Phone is the first of a 3rd generation of IP telephones. The 3102 provides a host of new capabilities with an all new look and feel.  3Com 3102手机有新的按键感觉, 更多的发光二极管, 新的扬声器, 新型耳机插孔, new adjustable stand and 18 programmable buttons. The 3102 phone supports standards-based SIP or native 3Com NBX call control.

The 3C10402B NBX 3102 phone does NOT come with:


  • nbx3102数据表
  • NBX V6.0电话指南
  • 2个RJ45 10/100M交换机接口
  • 160 x 33像素显示
  • 可编程按钮
  • Plantronics和GN网通耳机插孔hga010电脑版网址
  • IEEE 802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet)hga010电脑版网址
  • SIPhga010电脑版网址- VCX电话
  • 新增消息等待和振铃呼叫指标
  • 新的扬声器和声学设计



The 3C10402B dial pad buttons are concaved and made of hard plastic. All of the keypad forces have been reduced to provide better tactile feel. Customer should feel very comfortable using the 3102 and have an even better perception of quality.

现在所有18个可编程键都包括一个LED, making it easier for customers to choose the features they need and place them on the phone where they choose. This change also makes the user interface simpler by eliminating restrictions on what features are supported on buttons with or without lights.

New left and right cursor controls have been added along with a select button to provide options for future user interface enhancements via the display.


At the very core of this phone’s design is acoustic excellence. 3Com has included a high quality speaker and microphone that have been carefully matched with the phone’s external housing design to maximize speaker volume and minimize “clipping” during full duplex speakerphone calls. An acoustic chamber is built into the phone’s design to help create air pressure behind the speaker, 最大化音质. This chamber also helps isolate sounds from bleeding back inside the phone where the microphone might pick them up. 麦克风本身也同样重要. Its unidirectional design allows it to be placed on the side of the phone where it tunes the listening area to the front of the phone without picking up noises from the sides or back. This reduces the clipping issues that plague typical speakerphone calls as a result of loud background noise from computer fans, 桌面小发明, air conditioning blowers and even noisy office neighbors. The result is a natural sounding full duplex business tool.


The 3Com 3C10402B 3102 Business Phone has a built-in headset jack with behavior supported by software on NBX and VCX. The headset jack’s physical interface is an RJ-9 type modular connector designed to support headsets without an amplifier from leading vendors such as GN Netcom and Plantronics. The handset can be left in-place during normal use or a handset lifter may be used to support wireless headsets with remote on-hook/ off hook features. The phone’s volume control will also control headset volume. 当然, not every headset from every vendor may be compatible but the physical interface is designed to meet the typical industry standard for headsets. 此时不hga010电脑版网址zip-tone.

  • Plantronics refers to this specification as Polaris or M12
  • GN Netcom refers to this as GN Netcom DirectConnect

新消息等待 & 铃声呼叫指示灯

Hard to miss at the top of the new 3102 is an oversized message waiting indicator light bar. 明亮到隔着房间都能看到, it alerts users to new messages and on NBX systems it flashes for incoming calls. An ideal way to SEE if your phone is ringing, even in a crowded office or cube environment. 它还可以帮助听力受损的用户.


160 x 33像素的显示器现在是标准的. Moving to a pixel display allows for future localization options. The variable font size in the new display also makes it easier to display longer pieces of information on a single line.


The 3102 supports standards-based SIP or native 3Com NBX call control. Once the phone finds a 3Com phone system it will download the appropriate call control and never look back. Take it to the building next door and reconnect it to another 3Com system and it can change personalities just as easily. Customers will never be left behind; the phone can grow to meet their needs for years to come.


Phone is designed to use a standards based IEEE 202.3af Power over Ethernet switch, such as the 3Com 4400-PWR switch.  像这样, the local power supply (AC Adapter) is not included, 但只要再加18美元就能买到.  If you are using the older Ethernet power source and “Y” splitters on your phones, then rest assured that you can also use a “Y” adapter on this phone as it is fully compatible with any power scheme that has ever been used by any 3Com phone.


重量 1 kg